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It is dark and cold this morning. Stella got up long enough to eat and go outside. Once that was done she went to bed with Chris. My body is still unhappy with me. I just need to get through today and I have two days to recoup.

Dad and I were finally able to chat yesterday. Not much has been going on for him so it was mostly filling him in on the craziness here. Mom and I did not talk so I am guessing I will get a call tonight.

I am happy to report that I am up to second place in my horror contest.🖤 I have a little over 18 hours to claw my way to first. I sandbagged a few people for votes (and it is for a good cause) but I need to keep pushing! Later I think I will be sending stuff via Messenger and the like.

I am mentally going through all I need to do today. I still have things from my list from yesterday but I seem to be adding as many as I get done. And that is just for work! Tomorrow I will start adding new photos. I have forgotten by the time I get home of an evening. I never did get any new photos taken yesterday. I got too busy after work.

Speaking of which I need to wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

3 thoughts on “Doing”

  1. Sounds like you’re getting a lot accomplished in spite of not feeling great. I love your photos – the one of the butterfly was breathtaking. Go you getting 2nd place with your horror story – that’s so awesome! Go, you good thing. Love how happy Stella looks 🙂 xx

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