In the Feelings…

I guess I have done too much this week. My body has had me up and down since 12:30am. Right now I feel like crap. I really wish I could call in and try to go back to bed. That being said I have gotten a lot done this week.

It has also been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Several options of puppies and dogs have been shown to me. Then the adoption fees shock me into silence. If I am feeling up to it I might go meet a pup named Jack after work at an open house. He sounds like a good fit. I was supposed to drive to Mesick to see some pups until I found out they want $300 a piece for them.

The other emotional bit is my horror contest. I have another shot at it but I can’t seem to get out of the bottom two. And I have two days to do it. My family and friends have been amazing supportive and generous.❤️ And I am also sure they are tired of hearing about the contest, lol. I did not realize how much it meant until now. It meant a ton before but now that it might now happen it is a little deeper feelings.

I guess I’d better get going. Hopefully I can make it through my shift. And tomorrow’s. Thanks for reading and commenting! Stay safe!

P.S. Feel free to use the link to go and vote. 😁 Everyone gets one free vote a day!

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