Losses and Gains

The morning has dawned dark and rainy. Yesterday was Summer all over again. Beautiful! I had a pretty decent day. Stella and I spent a lot of time outside to enjoy the last of Summer. The only down point honestly was finding out that Dame Angela Lansbury had died. She was my last direct connect to Grams. On Sundays when I was a kid Mom, Grams and I would watch “Murder She Wrote” on tv together. If we weren’t in Bay City that weekend Mom and I would watch it together. So even though I never met her losing her hurt.

It is weird not having to be quiet. Chris is at jury duty this morning. He ended coming home early so he could try to get some sleep before having to be there at 8am. I feel bad for him. I think they should have to consider someone’s work schedule as well. I am not used to these little freedoms I have this morning. I think I might see if I can find a horror movie to watch before work. I did take trash out last night. It won’t be picked up until tomorrow, but it is full to overflowing because we have both forgotten the past few weeks. I normally put it out every other week because we don’t generate that much trash.

I don’t have to be to work until 2pm AND I have the house to myself. It just feels so weird. I do need to water plants and figure out how to get Stella out to go potty. Since it is raining, she doesn’t want to go. She is currently sleeping in a very awkward position on the couch.

If I may have a brief rant… Why is it when there is a dog attack that no breed is ever named unless it happens to be a Pitty? I have seen several articles over the past few days about dogs attacking their owners. The only ones that name a breed involve Pit Bulls and it makes me very angry. And no one thinks to see if the humans did something to aggravate the dogs. I have seen otherwise loving dogs get mean because they are standing up for themselves because they think they are being abused. Or are they protecting something or someone? The dogs don’t just go off unprovoked. Especially if they are a long-time family pet. It’s never the fault of the human. It is always the dog’s fault. Makes me want to use my rudest language. There. I’m done.

I need to work on my novel. I meant to yesterday, but I heard about Dame Angela and that just took the wind right out of my sails. I am wondering if I ought to start putting my novel into digital format. That way I can try to write as I go. If I do that, I will need to make sure I do a backup on my flash drive as well as printing a hard copy.

We saw several unusual animals around the house yesterday. Unusual as in the area they were seen. We see them all over the area here, but this is the first time actually on the property, let alone so close to the house. We saw a fox playing with her food (running and jumping… so cute!) in the morning and then last night as I was going to take trash out there was an opossum in the walkway outside the door. She didn’t spook when she saw us either. We just watched each other for a bit then she ambled off into the darkness. Both experiences were very cool.

I ought to wrap this up. I am a bit long winded this morning. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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