Crazy Holidaze

What a crazy day yesterday was! My first meeting had an intermission of sorts. Once that meeting adjourned, I was off and running to Traverse. One of the first things I did was get an oil change for Angus. I enjoyed talking with the guys. Annoyingly I had to replace my air filter as the mice are starting to set up shop in it again. Once that was taken care of, I went in search of Halloween decorations…. What chaos! It’s only the second week of October and most of the places I went were either out or close to it. With the exception of the Halloween Superstore. But their prices were a bit much. All in all I went to four different places. I ended up with one 9ft inflatable ghost, a bunch of window stickers, two rolls of CAUTION tape, three metal headstones, some skulls, a bunch of spiders (I got webs to put up in the first batch from the Dollar General). Oh, and a plastic jack-o-lantern that plugs in. He will go on a cool stand that looks like the Frankenstein monster’s body.

Traffic was a mess, so I managed to get home only a few minutes before Chris had to leave for work. Once I got the car unloaded, I settled back for a few hours until my next meeting. This time I took Stella with me. I wasn’t sure how cold it would get (not very as it turned out) so I pulled extra blankets. The meeting didn’t last long so Stella and I zipped to work to get treats for her and saline solution for me (I treated myself to some colored contacts for Halloween… as well as a few other goodies). As usual people had to come out and give Stella love. But at this point I could tell that as much as she enjoyed the love she really wanted to go home. So, we came home and she ate. Meanwhile I rewatched the beginning of Season 3 of Dragula. Mom called at one point in a panic. Her phone still isn’t getting any of my text messages. She is going to go to Verizon today to get her phone looked at.

I let myself sleep in and once I fed Stella I got on and wrote my two articles for the paper and sent them in. Now the rest of the day is mine to do whatever I want. I might see if Dad wants to chat. I try on my days off, but he hasn’t been feeling well so we haven’t talked in almost a month.

I think I will try pulling out the novel out and getting some work done. I will use the pen I found. It was left on the floor under a chair at one of my meeting places. It is such a nice pen….. well more than nice. It happens to be a Cross pen which is one of the premier pens in the world! I am very excited! No one claimed it so I got to keep it. That being said I need to wrap this up and get it posted. Thanks for reading and be safe!

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