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Mixing New and Old

It was good to sleep in. My body wanted more but I can tomorrow. I have two meetings to cover today, morning and night. I will either get my articles written tonight or (more likely) written in the morning. I am very excited about my little Halloween adventure this morning/afternoon. I have found one more place to go to for my Halloween hunt. It is on the opposite side of town but oh well. I still can’t believe I am being given this big budget to get Halloween decorations!

Chris and I decided to watch several things we had been looking forward to seeing. The first was the new “Hellraiser.” Now when it was advertised in some places they touted it as a new series. However it is actually a movie. That being said it was a bad one. There is no real plot. The script writers tried to rehash tropes that Clive Barker was able to get away with in the original. They failed miserably. The Cenobites were awful. Clive Barker’s Cenobites had stories behind the way they looked. Their character appearance after becoming a Cenobite was a direct correlation to how they lived in life. These “new” Cenobites had no back story. They were made as they are at random. There should have also been a lead Cenobite. (Pinhead never had a name in the original story. That came with the movie adaptation.) Instead we find that all the Cenobites just try to get everyone instead of just the one that opened the box. They also act more like zombies than Cenobites. Then there was the box. It didn’t even look very good for starters. And in the Clive Barker movies it was the characters with vices that were killed and turned. The script writers turned a completely blind eye to the mythos of the story. In the end it just was almost two hours that I will not get back.

The second thing was we tried the series “Interview with a Vampire” on AMC. This atleast tried. The writing was pretty good and the acting was decent. Chris plans to continue with the series. I may at a later time but not soon. As a massive Anne Rice fan I was able to recognize pieces from her other books. What the writers did was pull from all of Anne Rice’s work, not just the Vampire Chronicles. There was Feast of All Saints, The Mummy or Ramses the Damned as well as using the Mayfair Witches storyline. I made Chris laugh when I compared what we were watching to a bouillabaisse. (I was quite proud of coming up with that on the fly. Especially since it is so apt.) And I was not liking the taste of that bouillabaisse. I might have if I had not read the books. Any of her books. But I have… several times. As a stand alone it is decent and creative. As an adaptation it is too much of a little bit of all Anne Rice’s writing.

I’m sorry this is a bit f a long post. I hadn’t meant to write about last night’s viewings. And I have barely left myself enough time to get ready to go. Eeek! Well, thanks for reading and stay safe! Let me know if there are any book adaptations that you enjoyed (or didn’t)! Or if you watched either of mine. What did you think?

6 thoughts on “Mixing New and Old”

  1. Your Halloween activites sound like they’d be so fun and I absolutely love your Autumn pictures. Stella must be able to sense your excitement because she looks so pleased. So proud of you and how hard you’re working. Big hugs, you’ve GOT this xx

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    1. That means a lot coming from you!❤️I hope you are able to start healing. Right now Miss Stella is bored. Momma got home later than she intended and I have to go back out soon to cover another meeting.

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