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Decorator Extrodinare

I was reading your posts and I happen to glance at the time. I need to get moving. Yesterday had it’s moments. I was very glad to get home. I let Chris keep gaming after I got home. He’d had a long week and deserved to unwind. So I hunkered in bed with my reading. I finished reading one novel and started another. I think that will leave me with two more books that Mom got me for my birthday.

Stella balanced her time between Chris and I. Her voice seems to be coming back so I will just keep doing what I am doing. Right now she is beside/behind me on the love seat. I covered her with a blanket and she is drifting in and out of sleep.

I got the go ahead to get decorating for Halloween at work. I messaged with the owner and asked what my budget was. I also asked if there were and specifics he wanted. I was pleasantly surprised at my budget. I told the owner I would head into Traverse after my first meeting Monday and shop. I am a bit excited about this. I am hoping I can turn things out at work. I’ll share photos of the finished project if I can.

I need to get going here. Stella is off in dream lane chasing something. Her legs are moving as if she is running. Thank for being there and reading. Stay safe!

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