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Groggy Mornings

I keep falling asleep. Hopefully all goes well today I have a lot to do. I need to finish my price change as well as stocking both beer and liquor. My ordering should be done before the store opens.

I guess I am getting even more Halloween stuff for the store. When I had the modest amount of goodies I got put up yesterday I set photos to the owner and was told it was a good start. It was also suggested that I find something big to put out front of the store.😱 So Monday after meeting number 1 I plan to head to Traverse to the big Halloween store and get some serious shopping done.

I am very disappointed this year. Not only has there been considerably less selection this year for Halloween stuff but there is more Christmas crap out than Halloween in many places. We still have Thanksgiving yet! Hopefully I can find more stuff for the store.

I get to “sleep in” tomorrow since I am doing my ordering today. But an hour is an hour. At this time tomorrow I will still be asleep.

I’d better start getting ready for work. I have more photos to share but until I get things straightened out on here I will have to reuse my old ones. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

Oooo! Quick aside! I made the top 5 in the contest I’m in! The next cut is the top two.

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