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Halloween Doings

Yesterday went well all things considered. I got a lot done and even a few bonuses. One of the bonuses is that I was able to get new Halloween decorations for the store. I went to decorate yesterday. When I opened the box it was all just crap. A bit of leaf garland, some paper do-dads with a spider or a pumpkin hanging from them and that was it. So I texted the owner and said we needed new decorations. I go the go ahead to get new decorations. Bwhahahahaha! I am very excited to put up what I got (I will be reimbursed and get a free tank of gas as well)!

Mom and I talked last night. She claimed that I had not been staying contact via text so she wasn’t bothering to try on her end. I pointed out that I had sent several text messages over the past few days. I have no idea why she did not receive them. No idea what is going on with her phone.

Nuts. I had hoped to get a little more written before I had to go. I guess I will have to wait to add new photos (if I can.. so far I have only been able to repost old ones). Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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