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Running Running Running

This will be another short one. Yesterday was busy. Work was steady but I got as much done as I could since I was gas and not manager. Everyone else seemed to disappear when needed to I had plenty to do.

Last night’s meeting went a bit longer than expected. And it was busier than expected. Fortunately I checked the web site to make sure the meeting was still on so I found out in enough time that not only had the meeting moved (we were meeting in Veteran’s Park…. as well as several other spots) but the time had changed as well. So I left here at 5:30pm and walked back in the door around four hours later. I was wiped out from my first job but after walking, driving and such for the meeting I went pretty much straight to bed.

I am running behind so I will wrap this up. I will try adding a photo or two if I can. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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