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I am sitting on the edge of the love seat with Stella under a blanket behind me. She still isn’t feeling good. Last night she got a bit lethargic. She didn’t really want to play. She just wanted to sleep. So I may need another vet visit after all.

Yesterday ended up being an emotional busy day for me. Without too much detail several friends shared experiences with me and reached out to talk. Mom also messaged me that her hand has become infected. They have her on antibiotics. She also has to get it checked every week during the month of October.

The Girls are coming over tonight. I really want to see them and spend time together. I am also excited about the classes. But I am tired. I have to make sure I have my alarm set for 4am tomorrow for work.

I have Monday and Tuesday off next week so that will be good. I can hopefully recharge my batteries. I do have lots of new photos to share. I just haven’t had the time to get them downloaded. I need to clean out some space in my media for this blog as well. And working mornings doesn’t give me enough time. And usually by the time I get home I have forgotten about it. So hopefully Monday I will be able to clear up some space.

I see by the clock I am running a little behind. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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