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This is going to be a bit brief. I got up extra early to get my article written. The meeting went over two hours so instead of trying to write it last night I did it this morning. Today at work one of my reps is going to come in and teach me what I need to do regarding my off season ordering of her product. Then I need to keep reminding myself to make sure I call about jury duty after 5pm tonight. I am really hoping that I can stay home and have an actual day off.

The bank that we currently have or mortage through said that they will not refinance the house because of the type of house that it is. We are both very angry at this because after weeks of jumping through hoops we are denied. They know what kind of house this is. They are the ones that hold the current mortage. Not only that but Chris kept asking if that was going to be a problem and was repeatedly told no. So we either find other means or try again in the Spring. The main concern is going to be leaks over the winter months from snow and ice. Mom has said that she will help if she can. If we want it done before winter then we will need to come up with part of the cost. If we can wait til Spring she would be able to cover all of it. That will be something we talk about when I get home from work. Speaking of which I need to wrap this up. I did get fresh photos but I don’t have the time to download them. Another thing on my to do list. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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