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Stella is asleep in my lap. Mom’s surgery went well. She and I were upbeat and happy but the nurses not so much. Mom’s smart alec remarks did not go over well with several nurses. The guy that check us in had fun with us though. I guess we laughed a bit too loud with him because when we stepped out of the room I noticed that everyone was looking at us. Ah well, we spread smiles where we could.

Mom and I had a good time together. I got her to do a few things she had been putting off. I figured as long as I was there we could do them. I also came home with a HUGE dragon floaty. It came with a smaller version for your drink (which is pretty cool). I have no idea what I can do with them. We don’t have a pool. Right now they are in the garage. I should deflate them but it just looks so cool…. I will try to get good photos later today between jobs.

I need to check my schedule for tomorrow. I don’t remember what I work, morning or night. I do need to remember to call about jury duty tomorrow night though. I don’t mind having to do it but this time I just need the day off. We will see. Hmmmm…. Just checked my schedule. I will need to write my article tonight or get up really early to write it. I work at 8am. And I have one of my reps coming in.

I just glanced at the clock and I need to get going. I’m really sorry for all the repeat photos. This early morning blogging isn’t good for downloading new photos (it also helps if you have taken new photos). Thank you for all your support! Thank for reading and stay safe!

And if you could please go and vote for me in the horror context. I keep meaning to share this. Everyone gets a free vote once a day so you don’t even have to spend money if you don’t want to. I’ll try to just add this a few times a week. 😁

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