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We Like to Move It Move It

It feels like Sunday because that is the only day I get up this early. I need to watch the clock to make sure I give myself enough time to get to Mom’s. I also need to remember to call as I am leaving. One of the nice things about Angus is being able to talk and drive.

The rain has been non-stop since yesterday. And I’m ok with that. I makes me hunker in. I left work early because I felt that sick. Unfortunately I shared with Chris so he is sick too. We have been able to spend some quality time together the past two days and tat has been much needed. I didn’t make it much past 7pm last night. Even though I got sleep I still want more.

My granddaughter was born yesterday afternoon. I got two photos. I don’t have any details other than she is here.

Stella came out here with me. I’m surprised. I have covered her up. Aaaaand I see by the clock I am running out of time. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

9 thoughts on “We Like to Move It Move It”

      1. Really. It doesn’t always happen and I have been having problems loading different sites (I seem to be constantly going round with them over some issue or other). I do try.


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