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Odd Times

It has been a weird morning. I woke up with a throat that feels like it was scrubbed with steel wool. I walked outside to sun with clouds but stood there for about 15 minutes as a patch of thunder moved overhead. Once the thunder and clouds had moved on it was blue sky. And it started raining. The big fat drops. From blue sky. Despite getting decent sleep I feel like I have gotten very little. As it was last night I had a hard time staying up as late as I needed to. Stella is still in the utility room. She got up with me and heard the thunder and promptly went in there to lay down. She took her medicine but still hasn’t come out to eat.

I think we are going to have a lot of apples this year. Our apple tree has never given us any apples. This year the tree is packed to the gills with them. Hundreds of apples the size of big marbles. So I will keep an eye on them. It sounds like Stella is eating breakfast. She is still hoarse. She is pacing trying to convince herself that it is ok to go outside.

I cleaned up all my potted plants yesterday. They weren’t happy with me then but they have perked right back up this morning. I still have no idea where they will all go. I was hoping for rain overnight because we need it but no joy. The rain this morning just barely got anything wet.

I see my laptop is almost out of juice. I suppose I will wrap this up before it dies on me. I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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