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Helping Or Not?

It always hurts when you can’t help someone you care about. Especially when the person is completely aware of the damage and potential damage they can be doing to themselves and others. My dear friend from work came over yesterday after Chris left or work. She had been in a deep depression. Still was but she was reaching out. I call her Stella’s Auntie and that makes her smile. Stella adores having her over because she gets spoiled rotten. She stayed til well after 11pm last night. We watched a few movies but mostly did a lot of talking. I dried a lot of tears. She is in a messed up relationship that she can’t/won’t get herself out of. There is also the alcohol and drug use. She is trying. She knows full well what can/will happen if all this continues. She is better for smaller and smaller increments of time. At this point all I can do is listen and be there for her.

The morning has dawned cold and dark. It sprinkles once in a while. Stella is curled up beneath a pile of blankets on the couch. She started to dig in the pile of blankets at the other end so I took the hint and made her a small nest before covering her up. She sighed happily before she fell asleep.

It is one of those days you just want to hunker in and do nothing all day. But I need to do a few things around the house. Laundry is finishing up in the dryer. I want to do something with my plants (water, trim back, back room for the ones that need to come in soon etc). I wanted to make time for my novel since I couldn’t yesterday. I am thinking I might vacuum. Dishes need to get done and I need to shower.

I didn’t do much of what I’d intended yesterday. Mostly because of having company. So I will try again today. I guess I could get started right now. I didn’t get any new photos so it will be more repeats. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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