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I feel a bit like I’ve been hit like a bus. I did manage to sleep 11 hours though. I ended up playing many roles at work as we had more call ins. A lot of people in the area are getting sick. Kids at school, people at their jobs… I think it will be an interesting Fall and Winter. I am hoping that we don’t get hit as hard as they predict. I expect that it will get a bitter cold but the mounds of snow I can really do without.

I am not sure if Stella is doing better or not. She isn’t panting as hard. I always feel bad when she plays hard because she pants and that hurts her throat. But she wants to play. She has been very good about taking her medicine.

I don’t know what the day will bring. I am at a loss at to what to write. There are things I would like to do and even a few things that need to get done. I guess we’ll see what happens. Sorry this is so short. I am still moving forward but it is very slowly. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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