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More Visits

Well when I got home from work Stella had no voice. When she tried to bark she ended up coughing. So I when I got in the house I called the vet. You guessed it, yet another vet visit. Fortunately they could get us in about an hour later. We were almost late with other drivers going 40mph in a 55mph zone. These drivers had traffic backed up since there weren’t many places to pass.

The long and short of her visit is that she has laryngitis. She is on an antibiotic as well as a cough pill. The cough pill she can get as soon as every 4 hours if she needs it but the other is every 12 hours. Let’s not forget she’s still taking medicine from the last vet trip. She is running a slight fever. It’s not as bad as last night.

I tried to (finally) get Stella a harness yesterday. But when I got home I had grabbed the wrong size. So that needs to be exchanged. Bless Chris because he offered to do it on his way to work today.

I seem to have ended up planning a meeting for all our carry outs. I made the suggestion to the store manager and he thought it was such a good idea that I am in charge of it.

A bright spot for yesterday… that horror contest I am in? I finished first in my group and I have move on to the second tier. This one lasts a week before cuts are made.

I need to head to work. I feel like crap. Wish me luck. Have an amazing day❤️ Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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