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Who Hit The Fast Forward Button?

Yesterday was too much. It all got done but I am wiped out. I still need to write both my articles for my meetings. I will conquer that after I post this. I am glad that Mom cancelled because I didn’t have a lot of downtime as it was. I got my order placed and my shelves stocked in record time so I came back home before my first meeting. Chris was up by the time I got home from Traverse and we ended up trying to get the truck to the engine shop. We didn’t even make it to M-72 before I saw the engine smoking. So we limped it to the local plant nursery and got it towed from there. Once back home we discussed what still needed to be addressed regarding the loan for the roof replacement. Once he left for work I puttered around the house til my second meeting.

Stella is sick again. This time she has a sore throat. I thought her barking seemed off. She is coughing a lot and she can’t “talk” like she normally does. It is a gruff hoarse sound instead of her usual voice. We tried singing and playing tea kettle yesterday and she ended up coughing more than anything. She’s sleeping a lot too. I am giving her honey every little while so I am hoping that helps. I don’t want another trip to the vet’s office. If she doesn’t improve in a few days then I will call the vet to see what they suggest.

We have one last hurtle before replacing the roof. An appraiser is coming out tomorrow morning. Once that is done we should just need to sign paperwork. We are hoping to get the roof done before the snow flies. I am not sure how far out the roofers are as far as scheduling. October would be nice.

I am wrapping this up so I can get my articles written. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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