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Cleansing Rain

For once the rain started when the weather app said it would. Almost to the minute. It has been raining off and on ever since. It is currently on. I am grateful. It should be good sleeping weather. And it was until 2:30 am when something woke me from my sleep. I have been awake ever since.

My alarm was due to go off at 4 am because the ordering site was down when I went to work. A coworker messaged me an hour or so later to tell me it was up but I didn’t feel like running back to the store and dealing with people. So here I am. My goal is to get it done before my 9 am meeting. Mom and I aren’t getting together (this time she called it off… her depression has worsened as well) so I will run to the bank after my first meeting then head home til the next one.

Part of me is glad the week is over because I have been so miserable. I hated not spending more time with loved ones but I just couldn’t. I needed to be alone. Not much has changed. I feel a little better but I can also feel the darkness rippling beneath the surface.

I supposed if I wrap this up I can get my order done sooner. I may try to slide to the bank before the meeting depending on how much time I have. That way I won’t wake Chris and Stella. No new photos but I hope you like the ones I pick. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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