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Fumbling But Forward

This morning is overcast. The clouds started rolling in yesterday afternoon. We need the rain. It is supposed to start this afternoon and go almost through Tuesday. I spent pretty much my whole day outside reading beneath the boys’ tree. I mostly ignored my phone. I got all the way through one of my Elizabeth Peters novels and started a Richard Matheson one. There is a good chance I will finish that one today.

After I get this posted I am heading in to do my liquor order. I am hoping it won’t take too long. I would like to come home as soon as I can. The trees have suddenly started changing color. Things were pretty much all green when the sun when down last night. This morning I see that many trees across the way have atleast half of their leaves yellow. I should figure out where all my outdoor plants will be going soon. I think I will have enough room but it might be tight. There are several large pots this year.

Today will be a struggle but not as hard as yesterday was. I am hoping for small improvements everyday. Tomorrow I have both a morning and an evening meeting. Between those Mom and I are hoping to get together. I will be in Traverse regardless. If it is raining Mom might cancel. Thank you for the kind words and support over the past week or so. It means a lot to me. I am going to wrap this up so I can go make my order. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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