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Grand Funk Station

Things are looking sketchy today. The depression has not lifted at all. Anxiety at merely going out to the store or bank is overwhelming. The laptop will not connect to the internet so I am writing this on my phone. Yesterday’s post will not load no matter what I do. I took everything but the words out and still no joy. We’ll see if this one will post.

I have a meeting tonight. I need to drive into Traverse to go to my bank. I thought about taking Stella but if something happens (and the day is leaning toward it) I would be devastated if she got hurt. So I will probably leave her home. I am thinking I might take her to the park though. She likes it and it is near by. (And the voice in my head reminds me that I wasn’t going to because of dogs getting sick. So the argument begins.)

I feel completely hopeless. I am trying to fake it but I know it’s not working. I feel guilty because I am bringing everyone down with me. Stella has been asleep beside me for most of the night. She got up with me this morning as well. Nuts. I have to do laundry if I am going anywhere. I meant to do it last night. Or atleast start it. I ought to wrap this up and get that started. Thanks for reading and stay safe.❤️

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