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Checking It All Out

Another cold morning. No insect sounds or bird calls. As the sun came up and things began to warm up the critters slowly started their day. Mom and I were going to get together this afternoon but it is my turn to bail. I am just not up for it. Anxiety and depression are still hitting pretty heavy.

A lot got done yesterday. Chris made a lot of headway on the riding mower. I helped where I could but pretty much stayed out of the way. The fish tank and stand are now upstairs in the garage. That has opened the living room up quite a bit. I’m not sure what all will go on today. I know we have some banking to do and company will be coming over around 5:30pm. I might dust a little. I should also clean off the various tables. I seem to be sprawling again.

I have been trying to spend time outside since it is getting colder. There won’t be many more days of warm weather. I also need to start getting Stella some sweaters. She still needs a harness. I thought about taking a walk in the back 40 with her. It’s cool enough. I’d rather take her to the park.

Once I get this posted I will work a bit on my novel. I still need to get that online class for the Girls and I. It is a writing class. I had forgotten about it til just now. It’s not until October 1st. I just looked at my app for the horror contest. I guess it starts at 1pm my time. I will still share it here and then again tomorrow. I guess I had better wrap this up as I am babbling. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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