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Digging Through

The nights are getting very cold already. Stella is in a little ball on the couch covered in blankets. I am contemplating changing my shorts for pants but the afternoon is supposed to get back to summer temperatures. Work can be so cold somedays. Yesterday I could not get warm no matter what I did.

The sun is highlighting the overgrown grass in the front yard. The mower is still down. With everything going on there just hasn’t been time to do the engine swap. And since both of us are off at the same time hopefully we can get the mower going for a few more runs before the snow flies. I may try the weed wacker. We’ll see.

I am contemplating what comes next. I have a whole week in front of me. I have already done some of the things I had planned to do over the course of my vacation. So what do I choose to do? What I want is to take Stella to the park for a walk. It is cool enough that she won’t get overheated. But I’m not sure if it is safe for her. She needs to get out. She is becoming bored again. Neither of us have been playing with her as much as we should.

I need to work on me this week. Yesterday was a bad day for me. What made it worse was I could not shake the depression. Everyone noticed it, even when I tried to fake it. I need to…. fix it? Can it be fixed? I am not sure. But something needs to be done.

I see that some plants need watering again. I know that some will need a new pot as well. My agave plant has a baby in there with her that needs its own pot soon. My succulent George needs another pot as well. I’m not sure how big to go for him. He is growing like a weed in whatever I put him in. There also needs to be more space for the plants that need to come in when it gets too cold to leave them out. Chris has gotten some hooks to put up for some of the hanging pots. I need to figure out where those will go.

The horror competition I entered will start tomorrow. I am really not up to promoting it but I am going to try. It would mean a lot to win. But I need to put forth the effort. I will share the link tomorrow when I do my post. I am thinking of doing a separate post just so I don’t bombard everyone everyday with the same thing.

Instead of rattling on I need to get this posted. I will try to have new photos for tomorrow. Today will be some repeats. Thank you for all the supportive comments. They mean a lot and you have some excellent suggestions. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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