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A Chance of Clouds

We had storms overnight and it looks like we might get some more rain this morning. The plants need it. Stella wasn’t happy about the storms but eventually she did settle down. Right now she is on her back asleep on the couch. We had a dragonfly come in a few minutes ago. I had to get it to land on my hand instead of beating itself up against the screen trying to get out. Once it was on my hand it was content to just sit there. I let it for a minute or two before coaxing it back into the air outside. Its colors were beautiful! Greens and blues all over. It was longer than my finger too. One of the bigger ones I have seen around.

I was only at work maybe three hours yesterday. Everything got done in record time. I didn’t feel right just standing around talking to collect a paycheck. So I got out of there about the same time that my manager did. I explained why I was leaving “early” (I put that in quotes because I really make my own schedule on Fridays). He had no issues with it. It was nice to be home. I was able to spend time with Chris and Stella.

The sun is coming out. It is showing just how dark the rest of the sky is. The leaves are beginning to change colors. Before it was a patch here and there. Now that September is here it seems to have triggered Fall in earnest. I love Fall but I am not liking what follows. This Winter is supposed to be very cold and very snowy. I have already started looking for sweaters and hoodies for Stella. With most of her fur gone on her chest and belly she is going to need something to keep her warm.

We are going to have company tonight. I am trying to figure out what I want to do. One of my big goals is cleaning out my office. I had thought to start that today and I still may. With company coming over I’m not sure how far I will get before I have to stop. And I could also work on my writing. But when Chris gets up he will probably want to game out here in the living room. I don’t do well writing with other stuff going on in the background when I am at home (that being said I would like to replace my old stereo so I can play my cds again). If it is raining that limits my places to go. I need to clean up the kitchen a bit too. If I do that I can write at the kitchen table. Sooo….

Regardless I guess I should get myself moving. Stella is so cute sound asleep on her back. Little goose. Thanks for reading and thank you for all the support. Stay safe!

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