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Well. Stella has bad allergies and a double ear infection. She has been very good about taking her medicine. She seems not to be itching as bad. I opted for the pills instead of the shot because the shot could take up to several days to kick in versus only a few hours for the pills.

My body has decided that it is done with all the shenanigans. It wants vacation NOW. Last night it was hard to make it to 10pm. We kept falling asleep during movies and such. I was feeling very crappy on top of that. Bad enough that if I felt that way this morning I was calling in. When I woke up (and several times during the night) my back let me know that a break is needed. I have tomorrow off, I open Sunday and then I am on vacation.

My mind is becoming unsure of days and schedules anymore. I find myself trying to remember if it is a work day or not. And if it is what am I working. Having a week off isn’t going to help, lol. But I am trying to plan for the week off. There are things that I will have time to do (like clean my office, clean the house…) but I don’t want to set myself up so that I don’t relax at all. Or get mad at myself if things don’t get done.

I guess I had better get myself moving if I am not going to work too late. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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