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Arranging My Eggs

I let myself sleep in. No idea if it worked because I am still very tired. The last day of August (I have always thought of it as the last day pf Summer) is a beautiful one. The sun has come out and a warm wind is blowing. Stella is laying in front of the bay window. I think we are both going to miss having windows open. Before we know it Winter will be here. This year is supposed to be a bitter cold.

I am looking to get through the next few days and ease on in to my staycation. I have things that I want to get done. I am trying not to cram too much into that time off as well. I hate going back to work and feeling like I never had any time off because I crammed so much in.

I got complimented on my departments and counting by the inventory team. That made me feel pretty good. Then to add to that happiness one of the beer companies I carry stopped by with two samples for me. One of the perks for being beer manager! I also need to try to pull together the newsletter for work. This is completely on me. If I don’t feel I can pull it off right now it’s no big deal. But I think it would enhance things at work. Even if I just do a prototype. But we will see. I still need to finish that class for serving alcohol. It doesn’t take that long but because I am not doing it all at once I am forgetting things. So I think I might try to just start from the beginning and knock it out in one sitting. A coworker said he got it done in 30 minutes.

I am going to try to do some things around here before work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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