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Done and Dusted

Well, that bugger of a day is done. I got home a little after 5am this morning. For whatever sick and twisted reason, I am awake now. I guess then my schedule won’t be as messed up, but still. On top of all that I lost my phone for a few hours at work.

Yesterday everyone was saying how slow it was. I would like to know when. I was going as soon as I walked in the door at work. And I didn’t stop til 5am. I’m glad that I did my liquor inventory while we were still open. Beer took me seven hours. When everyone started coming in to work this morning, I got a lot of “You’re here early!”

Next week will be nice. Neither of us has to work so hopefully we can start spending some time together again. I have been so stressed over things lately and I have been pushing everyone away. Now that we are slowing down at work I am hoping to recoup some of the energy I lost.

I had better get this posted. I will type a little then stare off into space, type a little and stare off into space. Thanks for reading. Stay safe.

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