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Don’t Scratch

Things seem to be a bit all over this morning. The longest day is finally here. I made it until around 11pm last night. It wasn’t easy. I thought about calling family but in the end I decided to just try to relax. Stella and I did play a lot and we went for a walk on the property. I am worried because she has been chewing her legs and paws as well as scratching a lot more than normal. She is on the flea and tick medicine. I will call the vet tomorrow and see if it might me a side effect of her medicine.

I do feel better mentally since the Girls and I went out together. I am hoping that the whole inventory thing being over and then vacation will help balance things. Time will tell. Oh, so the fun thing we did that night (one of them anyway) was we colored the underneath of my hair a deep purple. I was worried the purple was too dark but it isn’t. It turned out very fun. You don’t really see anything until I pull my hair up. We had fun doing it.

Instead of writing this I find myself watching Stella. She is trying to snooze on the couch but is currently chewing her way down her right front leg. She stopped for a few seconds. Long enough to hop off the couch and scratch around her neck. Back up on the couch and then back at the leg. Sigh. Dry skin? Now it is the rear back leg.

Ok, I am going to wrap this up for today. I still need to shower and take care of laundry. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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