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Drifting In the Memories

I have a Pitbull asleep in my lap. I am typing one handed as I scratch her with the other. Stella is doing better, thankfully. After reading various news reports of dogs getting sick up here, I am wondering if our walks in the park caused some of the issue as well. It seems that parks have been spraying for bugs and such and that has made a lot of dogs sick. Maybe it is a good thing I am lazy?

I don’t want to go back to work today. I am just not feeling it. But I have to. And next week is going to be difficult as it is inventory on the 30th. I am ok with my liquor but my beer department… that is a bit overwhelming. I am going to guess that Monday will be a long day. They are asking that we have our counts done on the 29th. I need to ask if there is anything special to do besides ask people to mark things off if they pull from my backstock. Cigarettes won’t be a big deal. I don’t have to count them.

My mind is everywhere but here. A fellow blogger was recounting his trip to Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum and I spent some of the best parts of my childhood there with Dad. As I was going through his photos I let myself remember. My dreams were like that today too. I was trying to clock watch and still get some sleep. So I would be dreaming but crack an eye long enough to register the time then drift back into my dream. Very surreal.

Stella has drifted out to lay in the sun. I want to work more on my novel before work (I did do some work on it yesterday). I also need to shower. That way I can just feed Stella and hunker in bed after work tonight. I am hoping for an easy night tonight. But we’ll see. I should probably wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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