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Let Me Off Here Please

I think I have reached the tipping point. I was able to get ahold of the vet from work yesterday. They got us in at 3:30pm. I got out of work at 2pm so that was good. We didn’t get home from the doctor’s until 5:30pm. Everyone knew that I was worried about Stella, so I just posted that we were going to the doctor. Once we were back everyone wanted to know how it went. That’s when the problem came in. I was just exhausted and didn’t want to talk to anyone, so I didn’t. And my phone kept blowing up. I explained to Mom what the doctor said and hoped that it would be enough, but she wanted to discuss everything. So, I did not respond until just before bed.

I asked for help printing some tags that need to go up in my liquor department and it turns out that there was a big price change that needed to drop. So, my coworker came in on her time off to do all that so I could get it done today. She sent a message asking where the stickers were (I had them with me as I was told that new ones would be made). That was at almost 5am this morning. I didn’t get up until 9am. I sent an apologetic message back. And I stared at my phone for a bit. I did/do not want the task of telling everyone what went on yesterday. Too many people. I am just over-overwhelmed.

In short Stella a lot of bacteria in her gut that is going crazy right now. She has a pill she gets every 12 hours and then a packet of stuff sprinkled on her food every night. She is on the bland diet until she can go to the bathroom without having issues. Now to do a group post so everyone knows. I am glad I make my own hours today. I don’t have to deal with too much outside of my liquor and beer. Thanks for reading and all the love for Stella and I. We really appreciate it❤️Stay safe!

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