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The Big 5-0

Somehow, I managed to make it 50 years. I have done so much… Yet it feels as though not much time has gone by. This year is kinda special because everyone is going out of their way for my birthday, family and friends alike. I have decided to call this the “Fabulous 50s”, not nifty 50s.

Stella has been in my lap almost since she has gotten up. She is on a bland diet so see if that will help. She is also on a cancellation list so if someone cancels and she is still not doing well I can get her in. They are booked solid til September. I know she’s not doing well. But I will try to keep her happy til we can get into the doctor.

Yesterday we went to the Secretary of State and got my tabs. I was pleasantly surprised to get in and out within 5 minutes. I did not know if I would be made to wait because I had no appointment. I walked in and up to the counter and did my thing. So both the car and motorcycle have their new tabs. I called the vet’s office while we were in the parking lot in case they could get her in. Since they couldn’t we went to the park for a walk. She has strained her left shoulder, so we took it slow. I’m not sure what she did. It seems to come and go. I am trying to be positive but a Momma knows. She is doing a lot of the same things Moosie did after he was diagnosed with kidney disease.

I have people stopping by throughout the day to say hi. Mom wants to get together so I hope she would consider coming out here. I don’t know when everyone is stopping by. Dad wants to chat as well. I feel a bit like a queen waiting to receive her tributes, lol. But since I have the day off people have just offered to drop by with cards and to say hi. I am extremely grateful.

We just had a brown out with our electricity. No weather to speak of, blue skies and no clouds or wind. Just sunshine and warmth. So I had better get this posted before it happens again! Thanks for reading and thank you so much for your concerns. I appreciate the suggestions. Stay safe!

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