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I was pleasantly surprised when we went out for my birthday brunch yesterday. When we got in the door Chris kind of turns to the left and waves. People wave back. It took me a second to realize that I knew all these people, lol. A certain loving husband went and got a small surprise party together for me! There were three of my coworkers from Younker’s, our neighbor’s from across the way and then the Girls (Chris works with them and we have become very close, so we just refer to them as “the Girls”). It was really good to meet and catch up with everyone. I even got to wear my Minion tank top that I wanted!

Tomorrow is the big day. I do feel better about it. And a big part of tomorrow is that it is a day off. Several of you have commented that it sounds like I am quickly approaching burn out. You are probably right. I have too much going on and am too much in my head lately. I am going to try to get my tabs for my vehicles this morning. I have tried setting an appointment, but their web sites are not working correctly (at least not for me). Since I did not get any paperwork in the mail this year, I am hoping that they can get me in. It should be very quick. I hope. I also need to call the vet about Stella. I hope we can get her in this week some time.

Aaaaand I can feel the anxiety kick in. One of my coworkers last night was talking about some of the medical stuff she was going through, and Chris and I just looked at each other. It all sounded a lot like me. I am going to wrap this up and try to go get my tabs. It is cool enough I will take Stella with me. Part of me wants to wait until tomorrow but that is not a good idea. I want some sleep tonight. I am sorry for the repeat photos. I will make an effort to get fresh ones to share tomorrow. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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