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I think I am awake. I could be writing this in a dream…. I hate being up this early but if I don’t get up and get moving nothing gets done.

I did not adult or manage well yesterday. I pretty much let everyone stay up front and do what they wanted. Which was hang out, talk and spend too many quarters in the little machine to get dumb/fun little toys to share with each other. Things got gone and people worked but… I just don’t think I set the best example. The flip side of that is I know everyone had fun. I also have a small collection of goodies from everyone, lol.

Today and tomorrow. It doesn’t help that this week has been a bad one for me. I am just done adulting. I did talk to Dad yesterday though. We chit chatted and then made his grocery list. I would get frustrated because he would get lost looking in his computer for some thing. When he does that he goes silent and just is clicking away on this and that trying to find what he is looking for. After about 15 minutes irritation gives way to anger. He finally took the hint and moved on.

My “old fart” from work (a dear friend even before we worked together) is getting a tattoo! He is scheduled for September 15th. It will be an old school traditional eagle with a top hat. I am very excited for him! After work we met at the tattoo parlor and he set things up. I am going to try to remind him the closer we get to the date.

I see that I am running a tad behind. So quick quick I need to post this! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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