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Weirdness to My Days

What a weird morning! I woke up from weird (but strangely compelling) dreams. My day feels off because I said I would’ve closing manager for a coworker (I hope I can get my stuff done before she leaves around 5pm). I am back at 6:30am tomorrow so I won’t get much sleep tonight. So I feel off not being at work at this hour. Then I turned on my laptop. It sort of hooked up to the internet but then failed completely. I have no idea why. I tried to reconnect and all it did was give me the message “Connecting…”. Everything else hooks up fine. So I am writing this on my phone.

It is cool, almost cold, this morning. Stella just got up and wants to play. Little goose.❤️🐾 I just threw her ball for her. I am a bit achy from yesterday. I spent pretty much my whole shift stocking liquor. Wednesday I got a double order so 5 full what we call u-boats. They are carts on wheels about 6ft (182cm) by about 2ft (60cm) wide. They were piled higher than I am tall and I am 5’7 (170cm). Liquor is not light in mass quantities! But it felt good to have stock filled almost completely in. I hated all those empty shelves!

I find myself struggling to find myself in my days. I sort of have a set schedule but any variance throws me off. I did get my car in yesterday. My tire sensors are wonky. I had a low rear tire but the brakes are fine. I was embarrassed as I made it a point to look the warning symbol from my dashboard up in my manual for the car. It said brakes were the issue. Not tire pressure. I could’ve checked the tire pressure and filled it here at the house. But Stella got a walk and a ride out of it. I was leery about taking her on the roads (I don’t want her to think that it is something she can do… especially on her own) but I kept telling her that she could only walk on roads with me on her lead. But she was a very good girl. She even laid down while we were talking.

I guess I ought to wrap this up and get myself together. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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