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My little cuddle bug is on the couch asleep. The morning has dawned cool and overcast. I hope it stays this way so we can go to the park for a walk later. Once this is posted we will run to Traverse to deposit the money order from Dad. I have been sitting on it for a while. I also plan to find out just what I need for my passport. I will get the paperwork filled out today and since I have tomorrow off, I may go to the courthouse offices and see about finally getting all the stuff in and get the process rolling. They have photo options there as well, so I won’t need my own photo.

Yesterday ended on a rather fun note! When I got home I had my Supernatural box, my locket and my little order from my artist waiting. It was like my birthday came early! The Supernatural box (based off of the tv series of the same name) had a TON of goodies in it! I swear the keep giving us more and more cool stuff! The nice thing is that I will use just about everything (although not everyone eats with chopsticks… yes there was a pair in the box). There was a planter (it was pretty small so a very tiny pot), a tee (OMG! I love this one!), a beach bag, chopsticks, a cool rubber tray to make popsicles in, a wall hanger (it’s supposed to look like rebar), a small box (it is a representation of something from the series but essentially something to store things in) and a small pin of a main character.

My locket I have been waiting on for almost a month. I LOVE how it turned out! I got it on Amazon from Soulmeet. It is a heart shaped locket (sterling silver) with a sunflower design on the front. They have several choices for what you want to do with the inside. You can get just one photo or two. I went with two. You send them the photo you want to use (they have a very convenient spot where you place the photo you want to use to see if it will fit) and they place it in the locket for you. I have Chris on one side and Essie, Stella and Moose on the other. I felt bad because I could not find a photo with all of them and Dante that would fit. The locket came with a pretty silver chain, a special cloth to clean my locket with (I really like the polishing cloths they have for silver jewelry) and what looks like a guitar pick. I am not sure about the guitar pick. I’m sure it must have some use for either cleaning or keeping the photos in place but they provided no instructions. I plan to shoot them a message later and ask.

I had ordered some “dragon’s eggs” from my artist friend. These are simply various stones that have been cut in the shape of small eggs. About the size of a robin’s egg. I love them! She also included a few extra goodies to say thank you. They included a pretty antique heart locket (!) that is silver with the saying “I love you!” on the front, a beautiful tree of life pendant made from wire and small bits of turquoise and a beautiful griffin’s eye that she made.

I did not think to get photos of all this with my Nikon. I will do that today. (I can fit the Nikon photos on here as smaller files but the photos off my camera take up a lot more space.) I need to get myself moving. Stella has moved out to the back porch since the sun is struggling ot come out. Thank for reading and stay safe!

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