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Summer Storms

A storm is gently making its way here from the north. There was a very distant rumble (this will explain why Stella was up with me, ate and then went right back to bed) that is gradually getting closer. The skies are darkening. There is barely any breeze. But we need the rain, so I hope it gets everything watered.

Yesterday was a lot of heavy lifting for me. I restocked the beer cooler by myself. I got everything done but two walls. I got the doors all restocked and the side wall when you just walk in the door done. And that was a LOT of beer, hard ciders and hard seltzers. We got hit hard. I got to work early yesterday in hopes of doing my liquor order, but my early time was spent restocking (my shelves are almost bare). Then I tried to do my order and the site was down. We kept trying all day and it never came back up. So I am hoping that the site is up and running today. I think I can order today and still get a delivery. Fingers crossed!

Today is the first day of August. Maybe the rain is a sign that things will be cleaned off. July was not a good month for me. Good things did happen but…. Stella is not a happy girl. She is starting to pace. She stuck her head out here and I talked to her and she turned right back around into the bedroom because thunder sounded. Ooo. I guess the storm is here! There is thunder coming from both the north and the south! I love storms but I always feel guilty because lately atleast one of the dogs we have had was scared during storms. And I worry if I am not home that they are by themselves and scared.

I had weird dreams about my ex and later about getting a dog. He was a big pup too. He was so sad that his owner was getting rid of him but keeping his brother (his brother was sad that he was losing his brother as well). I remember both sets of dreams very distinctly.

I am going to try to snap a few prerain photos since I keep recycling old ones. When I get home anymore I am just wiped out. So I’m sorry about no new pictures lately. Thanks for reading (and commenting)! Stay safe!

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