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Early Morning Snuggles

This is difficult to write one handed. I have a Pitbull in my arms getting lived in as I try to write this. I am grateful for autocorrect right now. Stella has been a cuddle bug all morning.

Neither Chris nor I feel good. That being said after my 10 hours shift (and I forgot to punch out 😡) I came home, fed Stella, washed dishes and cleaned the counters. So I feel pretty good about things. I get out at 1pm today… I think. I hope. Tomorrow I make my own schedule but it will be hard trying to judge my time. I don’t want to get there too early and end up waiting for my liquor order to come in. Oh and my cigarette order too. I’m going to start calling myself the manager of vices, lol.

I need to wrap this up. I keep forgetting to take photos of the beer cave and new liquor cabinet at work. I will try to remember today. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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A Stormy Sleepless Night

No one has gotten much sleep. I hope colds are all we have. Even with the humidifier our throats have become dry and started the tickle that makes you cough no matter how hard you try not to. Then at 4:54am a storm rolled through scaring Stella. She finally settled down around 6am. Right now she is laying in the sand where the deck used to be.

I am frustrated because there is so much that I need to do before work. It’s not much and there is enough time to get things done but my mind is in a panic. So I am just trying to go with the flow and not worry.

We need to replace the mower engine. It has shot its bolt. Literally. There is a hole in the side wall of the engine. Fortunately, I know someone that is willing to give us a replacement engine. I put he and Chris together so they can hash out the particulars. What type of engine specifics, when to look at, where to meet etc. I hope it works since it would be cheaper to use gas to go get a free engine than spend several hundred for a new one.

The rain that fell this morning is already gone. Then sand had small pits in it from the rain but everything else is dry already. I am debating about watering my plants. And I have no Monarch caterpillars this year. All the milkweed and not a single caterpillar. I’ve only seen maybe three Monarchs in the gardens as it is. That makes me sad. Only two hummingbirds have shown up despite the feeder and the flowers. My blue banana tree is all but dead. I don’t know what to do for it. I give it the special food every week like I am supposed to. I have tried all versions of sunlight and none of it makes a difference. I have tried adding some sand to the potting soil thinking that maybe it need better drainage. Nothing helped.

I close tonight and then back at 6:30am the next few mornings. I will be able to spend time with Chris this weekend so that will be good. I’d better wrap this up if I am going to get everything done that I need to. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Musical Heat

It is a hazy morning. Stella is on her back asleep on the couch. It is going to get quite warm here, so we have both ac units going. This is hard for me because I prefer to have the house opened up when the weather is nice. I have some puttering to do outside today so the sliding glass door will probably stay open just enough to let Stella and I in and out.

I got quite a bit done yesterday. I did a little less than half my list but I added a few extras so that is ok. I gave myself a bit of a rest towards the end. It was getting too hot to do much else. But I enjoyed it (I’m weird that way). All the plants got watered, both inside and out. The herbs are going wild. I need to start using them before they get out of control. I have all these grand plans and I can grow like nobody’s business. However, once the plants are grown, I just tend to just let them go. Unless they have fruit or some such but even then, I want to “save” it and will waste it.

I am trying to listen to music while I write this, and it all goes well. And then an ad comes on and throws it all off. I am tempted to do the ad free, but this is the first time in months that I have listened to Pandora. Mostly due to the ads. I don’t listen to music as often as I should. Right now, I have in my ear buds since Chris is asleep. My qualm with that is I like to hear what is going on around me. I prefer to have the music out loud. And then there are my cds that are just sitting there since I have nothing but my car stereo to play them in. I have soundtracks, meditations, dance music and more that I used to write to. I am wondering if the lack of music is one of my stumbling blocks. I know right now I am more relaxed. Even when I look at my list and see what still needs to be done (I admit some of it brings on anxiety just because I do not want to face the specific task).

I also need to write my days off for next week. I just have a meeting next week, so it won’t be too bad. And more ads. I also notice with this particular channel they are repeat the same music. I know these artists have many more albums. And I know that there is more of this style music than they are playing. I think that is another reason why I won’t fork out the money for a subscription. Sorry, but you see what I mean about throwing me off my game? Anyway, I’d better wrap this up and get things started around here. I will do my best to wrap up my list today. A lot of it is just simple printing of documents and such. I can do this…. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Good Times Looking Forward

I am listening as a cement truck goes from around the corner from us to a few houses down. I wonder what everyone is doing on their properties. There is so much that we want to do here! From simple to the complex. We get a little started then it tapers off. I am not sure how to fix that. I had planned to tear into my motorcycle engine (the’92, not the 2014) over the summer and there she sits in the garage. I had planned to plant in my raised beds this year. I got two of them partially weeded but no further. Don’t get me wrong, I have done a lot. All the gardens around the house I have kept up on. I have kept all my plants outside watered (since the hoses are wonky, I am using a small watering can). I have lots of peppers growing. Geez. That is the only thing I can think of that I have really kept up with. Well, there is my blog. How disappointing.

On a happy note, the three of us had a great time yesterday. I brought home two big squirt guns for us to play with. I thought it would be something fun and cooling to get us outside. I was right! We had so much fun chasing each other around the yard! After we did that for a while, we played frisbee. It has been a long time since we did that. Stella even played! She liked trying to snag the frisbee. Problem is she tends to chew it once she gets it. As we played Chris was also grilling/smoking us dinner. It turned out awesome! We watched tv and chatted while we ate. We needed that downtime together.

This morning I woke up ready to enjoy my two days off. I am trying to figure out what to do. I keep leaning toward cleaning up my office. There is stuff all over the floor that needs to be moved. But to where… I also need to find room for a bookcase. Mom is giving me one of hers. It is a good sized one that will alleviate some of the piles in the house. I think I have a spot but that means moving things around a bit.

My body is also letting me know that it is not doing well. There are a few aches and pains (my wrist doesn’t want to heal properly for one) and my chest feels like something rather large is sitting on it. So, I will take things as gently as I can, but I still need to get things done. I have videos I need to watch for work (for my certification) and I need to go over the paperwork for the court case. And of course, work on my novel. It is supposed to be very hot today, so we’ll see what happens. I also have a hankering for jazz today. I miss my stereo on days like today. I would just like to put on some of my cds and let the music fill the house. I guess I will see if I can find anything on Pandora. I prefer my cds because I like the music on them versus someone throwing random music at me that I may or may not like but beggars can’t be choosers.

I see that I have gone on extra-long this morning. Sorry about that. I appreciate you listening to me go on. And thank you for your comments as well. It means a lot. Stay safe!

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One More Shift

It is now so weird for things to be this dark when I get up. I had gotten used to being up as the sun was coming up. Now my early mornings are dark. Stella was up long enough to eat and go outside. Then she went right back to bed.

I am looking forward to relaxing this afternoon. I am hoping to get my liquor order in before I have to go home so I can get out at a decent time. I also need to work on the beer cave. I haven’t really worked in it for a few days. It’s only been carry outs stocking it.

After work yesterday I went to a birthday party for a friend/coworker. Her birthday was actually the 4th. She turned 18. It was awkward as I did really know anyone but I missed her graduation so I promised I wouldn’t miss her birthday. Funny thing is her present arrived last night,late. I woke up to a message on my phone that my package had been delivered. Chris said some of my birthday stuff had been delivered when I was gone (he floated actually, lol, as he was very pleased with himself😊) but I wondered if my package was one of those. So I wandered out to the mailbox and lo! There it was. So I am excited because we work together today so I can give them to her today instead of later in the week.

With the emotional roller coaster I have been on this week it will be nice to have the next two days off. I have no meetings this week so I want to try to find a rhythm at work with my new positions. I seem to focus more on liquor since I am the only one who stocks it on a daily basis. I leave beer to the carry outs but truly I need to stock it myself a few days a week.

I see by the clock that I need to wrap this up. I don’t have any new photos so these will be some repeats. Hopefully I can get fresh ones to share tomorrow. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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I am on the love seat with the resident cuddle bug. She got up a few minutes after me and has been by my side ever since.

This morning’s post will be brief since I gave myself an extra half hour to sleep. Ayer work I need to remember that I am going to a birthday party. I will just want to stay home but I can’t. I promised.

Work has been going fairly smoothly. The only issues have been with the coworker that is stepping up to shift manager. She hasn’t been talking to anyone. She and buttes heads hard while I was setting up my display. I essentially told her she needed to quit telling me how to do my task. She didn’t like that anymore than I did her telling me what to do. So everyone has been getting the cold shoulder.

I need to wrap this up. I do have new photos to share. I think I have time to upload a few. Have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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A Quick Blip

This will have to be a quick one. Not only am I running late (I got to set my own schedule today ha ha ha) but the battery saver mode just came on my laptop. I was up when Chris got home this morning from work. While I was still at work, I got several messages asking what my shift was. So, when I got home, I had a wonderful girl’s night with a friend. She had a rough day and I was privileged to be the one she decompressed with. We had an awesome time together. Lots of plans were made and lots of fun was had.

Stella is up with me. She hasn’t eaten but she did take her glucosamine chewables. I need to wrap this up and get myself together for work. I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Bleary Eyed

I am so very tired. As well as I slept it still wasn’t enough. I am going in early to take care of my cigarette order. I would really like to go back to bed and just stay later at work. However, my order needs to be done this morning because (hopefully) he will pick it up today. My first liquor order should be there waiting for me. The second will be arriving tomorrow. I am still struggling with my times and dates for everything.

I completed most of my tasks and took care of bills yesterday. Yet I am still trying to beat myself up for things not done. I felt good yesterday about myself, yet this morning… It is chilly and I am tired. Maybe that is the problem. I see that I have taken too long with things this morning. I should be leaving in a few minutes. So this will be much shorter than normal. Oh and a side note, if you leave a comment and I don’t answer right away please give it some time. I had a comment from three days ago show up when I checked my comments on my laptop yesterday. I always check both my laptop and my phone every day. So it seems that comments are slipping through the cracks. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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Best Laid Plans and All That

Well things have not gone as planned. When I got to the courthouse no less than three people read my paperwork and saw what I did. Today’s date. However, upon closer inspection, it was actually September 12th. Not July. (They did not spell out the date.) So I went home and did my thing until work. While doing my thing I got a message from my tattoo artist that we needed to reschedule my appointment. He was in pain from a rough few days. Me being me I said ok and that I hoped he felt better. But I am very angry as my new date is all the way in August! I am trying to tell myself that it is probably a legit thing. But in my heart of hearts I am thinking that it is a load of crap. He just does not want to give up the time to fix what he considers to be my mistake. (He said I ok’d it so I should be happy with the results.) So here I sit at home when I should be sitting at the tattoo parlour getting my ink fixed.

Stella and I stayed up way late last night binge watching Lizzo’s new show on Amazon. Watch Out For the Big Grrrls is a reality show involving Lizzo looking for new back up dancers. I really like it. Lizzo wants big girls like her as her back up dancers. She treats the women like queens as they go through and learn different dance routines and challenges. And at the end of the day there is nothing negative about this program. No one is humiliated, no yelling and screaming. Lizzo’s is trying to teach love and acceptance of who you are, no matter your size. I know it sounds cliche but it is true. I needed to hear a lot of what they were saying and there were several teary moments. I only have three more episodes to go.

So today I have my little to do list. Some things will get done before Chris leaves while others after (like mowing). I have bills that need to come out of this check as well. I was shocked when I saw my paycheck. In a good way. That means I can take care of two people for their birthday this week. I worked for a bit on my novel (the stupid “o” button does not want to work when pressed normally now- que eye roll) yesterday. I plan to do so today as well. I also hope to take Stella to the park for a walk. Walking in the yard is all well and good but things are getting overgrown back there so it is getting difficult to pick a clear path. Oh and I need a new pot for my lavender. I belong to a plant group on Facebook so when I shared my photos it was pointed out that the plants prefer sandy soil. I will need to go out to Moose’s grave and mix some sand in with his and since mine is a wee bit too big for the pot I will go get a larger pot for it and mix some sandy soil in when I repot it. I only hope that it doesn’t stress out too much with another repotting.

I guess I should get myself going. Thanks for reading and stay safe (the photos this morning are repeats, I’ll try to take more today)!

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One More Hurdle

It’s not much brighter this morning. Both my articles have been written and sent in. All my running got done yesterday. This morning in my date at the courthouse. I am surprised at hard I slept. I actually had to have the alarm wake me up! Stella has come out with me. I was surprised. It is a good morning to stay in bed.

While I was out yesterday, I stopped at a local plant nursery. I knew that it would be expensive, but I wanted two lavender plants. I was right. But this late in the season finding lavender can be almost impossible. So I grabbed two of the quart containers and headed to the checkout. Once there I got to chatting with the clerk. When she found out what I was doing she gave me a discount on my purchase. I was getting them for Moose and I. He always loved lavender when I had it in the house. He would rub against it and sniff. I would put one on his grave and keep one for me in the house. I managed to get them both planted not long after I got home.

I keep glancing at the clock. I want to leave a little early since I’m not sure where in the courthouse I am going. I have a nice little dress picked out for the occasion. I struggled with what to wear. I don’t have a lot of dressy clothes anymore. But I found a dress and shoes. I don’t look too bad. No make-up though. I don’t have time. Nor do I care to.

I keep hearing crows out back. I am used to hearing one or two but there are several out back cawing. If I can get through this this morning, then I will only have my hurdle tomorrow and my stress levels should drop significantly. Tomorrow will be the fix on my tattoo. I am excited to get it done but I don’t want the confrontation. I don’t know how he is going to be. And this will be a several hour process. And my mind naturally goes along the lines of how pissed off he could be instead of atleast being civil.

Ok, I will share what photos I have and get this posted. Then off to the courthouse I go! Thanks for reading and stay safe!