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Sleep or Not to Sleep

Have you ever crammed too much living into one day? That is what I did yesterday. We were busier than busy and short staffed for a bit. So I gave 200% at work. Then I came home and had a fun evening with Chris and Stella, goofing around and watching movies. And here I am up at 4 am for work. Stella is nestled in beside me snoozing. What I wouldn’t give for a few more hours of decent sleep!

I have been struggling to keep my eyes open. Which is funny because from 2 am on I kept watching the clock. I almost slept the extra hour but I need to get my liquor order done. My shelves are almost bare because last week’s order was mostly unavailable. And if we are going to be busy again then I need to take extra time in the morning to place my order.

I had better get going. I’ve dozed off twice while writing this. Stella is dreaming of chasing something beside me. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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