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Working Plans

It’s always an interesting mix between my phone and my laptop. There are some of your blogs that only show up on my phone, others just my laptop but some will show up on both. So I guess it’s a good thing I write with both tools so I am able to read everyone’s work atleast once a week.

Yesterday was crazy. I was able to do my actual job two hours after I arrived. So once I finally was able to get to work on liquor and beer I felt like I was way behind. I am grateful that the “stagers” came and put out the three pallets of beer for me. I stocked as best I could (my very small liquor order arrived in the middle of all this so I put that out before getting back ti my beer cave) before they got there but the beer was leaving faster than I could put it out.

I have no idea what today is. I know my work schedule but beyond that… I am tired but atleast I can see progress being made at work. I still have big plans that I need to start pulling together to keep the departments doing well during the slow season.

I see I am running out of time. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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