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Storms? Inside and Out

Well that was a bit wet! I woke up to a lightening strike notification on my phone. Concerned I checked my weather app (The Weather Channel”. No chance of rain and nothing on radar. I go about my morning routine. I see more lightening. Thinking it must be heat lightening I stick my head outside. Nope. It is distinctly chilly out. Stella gets up and eats. I hear soft rumbles in the distance. As she finishes eating I notice things are getting a bit louder and brighter outside. Fortunately she got outside and did her business before it all broke loose! Within a few minutes the skies opened up and it just poured down, accompanied by the song and dance of thunder and lightening. It lasted around 10 minutes but everything got a good soaking. The brief storm seems to be moving off to the north west, flashing as it goes.

Yesterday was not my best at work. Things were crazy and we were short staffed. I found out that a coworker is going through a bad separation. She is leaving an abusive relationship. So I am doing my best to make things as easy as possible for her. She is now staying an hour away at a safe house so she needs to work less hours as a result. Stuff like this makes me realize how lucky I am to have Chris. There is so much wrong going on out there.

I can’t believe it is almost August! The Summer has just flown by!😳 Before I know it we will be knee deep into Fall. Which means the big 5 oh is only 2 and 1/2 weeks away. I think I will ask to work morning shift if they are going to have me work on my birthday. It’s on a Tuesday this year so nothing exciting will happen the day of. We’ll see. I have a wedding that Saturday so I’m not sure what our game plan is.

Oops! I need to get moving. It is almost time for me to head out the door. Thanks fir reading! Stay safe!

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