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Bad night

I am not in a good head space today. A good portion of that is because I did not get doodlie for sleep last night. My throat kept getting too dry and would set off a tickle. I would drink some water and try to sleep in a different position. A few minutes later (about the time I fell back asleep) it would happen all over again. By the time Chris got to bed I was angry and went to sleep on the couch. That was around 4am. So from around 4am to say 8:20…. not even that because I kept trying to see the clock from the couch. So not even 4 hours of solid sleep. I may have to sleep on the couch until this cough goes away. We’ll see how tonight goes.

Yesterday all in all was a good day. I got some gardening done, Stella and I went to the park for a walk (bad idea as I had trouble breathing once we got going), I wrote two pages in my journal, I read some, I spent quality time outside, I did dishes, oh and I got a few exercises in as well while I was watching tv. Stella did a lot of running after her ball so she was happy.

I see a lot of things that I need to be working on. I am trying not to see all of them at once. But when you notice one then you tend to notice more. I am trying not be overwhelmed. Today I will just shut down if I let myself go down that road.

There is a 20 cent discount on gas at work today. I may go later to gas up. If I go now it will be crazy. Or I may not go at all. The sun is out and I wish it was gloomy. I am just not feeling it today. Sorry this is so blah and down. I will wrap this up since I can’t seem to find the positive right now. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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