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No More Salads

Way too early. Especially considering last night. But I am hoping to get out early so… Why stores do not wash their lettuce before making salads is beyond me. We were starting to feel a little better so Chris went to Kalkaska to get some groceries (sometimes you just want to shop without everyone knowing who you are). While dinner was on the grill we ate the salads he brought home. Not long after that Chris got really really sick. I was honestly worried I would need to take him to Urgent Care or worse, the ER. I had my own not so happy experience a few hours later (I had eaten something before whereas Chris had eaten nothing but the salad) when I decided to shower.

So this morning I am feeling rung out and my throat thinks is has been cleaned with a metal brush then coated is phlegm. Coughing hurts. A lot. But I need to go to work so I can do my liquor order. So I am going in extra early to get it knocked out hopefully before the store opens. Then I will try to get the cigarette order done. After that I need to make sure the beer cave is filled.

And on that note I really need to get going. Thanks for reading and stay safe❤️

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