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Quickity Quick

Today’s post will be very quick. The additions and the “fixes” to the phone app have got things a bit messed up this morning so reading your posts for a bit complicated. But I am glad I did.

Part of the sunrise is a rich orange going into a deep bruised purple. The colors are soooo pretty! But neither of my cameras pick up the colors correctly. The orange has changed to a rosy pink now.

Yesterday went well for the most part. I got some more information about what goes on with my beer department. My tiny liquor order went out on the floor and my cigarette order got put away. I stayed as long as I dared. I was feeling worse as my shift went on and I was getting crabby. It was difficult to be nice. Everyone felt overly needy which got on my nerves.

I hope I do well today. I am floor manager but I also need to fill both liquor and beer (it has been very hot here so we are going through a lot of both). Coughing is the norm here at home right now. I hope I can keep it under control at work.

The clock says I need to wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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