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Working and Working

This morning I am very scattered. I really wish I could stay home. I don’t feel good. The plus side is that I am making my own hours today. I hope that my order comes in today early. I was going to say I had my cigarettes too but if I am not there the ladies take care of it for me so no big deal there. I concentrated on the beer cave yesterday since it had been all but wiped out the two days I was gone. I met a few of my vendors as well. I am very excited to try new things in both my liquor and beer departments.

Thankfully I just remembered that I had to put my work clothes in the dryer. I had them washed last night. Both my focus and routine are off. I guess my phone will not charge in the new case (my phone charges on one of those charging pads… or should). I found this out when I woke up this morning. My phone was at 1%. Fortunately, I have a plug-in charger that has me up to 75% already. I also had several messages waiting for me when I got up. So, once I had my phone charging, I had to respond to those. Those messages turned in to conversations. All before my first cup of coffee! After that I just tried to remember what I needed to get done. Laundry was one of them and I forgot completely until just now.

Chris stayed home from work yesterday. He was supposed to work today too but the way he feels he will probably stay home. I am tempted but there are things that need to get done at work. Even if I just fill in on my liquor wall and in the beer cave. I was melting hot when I got up but now, I cannot get warm. Stella is out here on the couch sleeping on her back.

Ok, I am going to wrap this up and get this posted. I haven’t had a chance to get more photos so these will all be repeats. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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