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A Stormy Sleepless Night

No one has gotten much sleep. I hope colds are all we have. Even with the humidifier our throats have become dry and started the tickle that makes you cough no matter how hard you try not to. Then at 4:54am a storm rolled through scaring Stella. She finally settled down around 6am. Right now she is laying in the sand where the deck used to be.

I am frustrated because there is so much that I need to do before work. It’s not much and there is enough time to get things done but my mind is in a panic. So I am just trying to go with the flow and not worry.

We need to replace the mower engine. It has shot its bolt. Literally. There is a hole in the side wall of the engine. Fortunately, I know someone that is willing to give us a replacement engine. I put he and Chris together so they can hash out the particulars. What type of engine specifics, when to look at, where to meet etc. I hope it works since it would be cheaper to use gas to go get a free engine than spend several hundred for a new one.

The rain that fell this morning is already gone. Then sand had small pits in it from the rain but everything else is dry already. I am debating about watering my plants. And I have no Monarch caterpillars this year. All the milkweed and not a single caterpillar. I’ve only seen maybe three Monarchs in the gardens as it is. That makes me sad. Only two hummingbirds have shown up despite the feeder and the flowers. My blue banana tree is all but dead. I don’t know what to do for it. I give it the special food every week like I am supposed to. I have tried all versions of sunlight and none of it makes a difference. I have tried adding some sand to the potting soil thinking that maybe it need better drainage. Nothing helped.

I close tonight and then back at 6:30am the next few mornings. I will be able to spend time with Chris this weekend so that will be good. I’d better wrap this up if I am going to get everything done that I need to. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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