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One More Shift

It is now so weird for things to be this dark when I get up. I had gotten used to being up as the sun was coming up. Now my early mornings are dark. Stella was up long enough to eat and go outside. Then she went right back to bed.

I am looking forward to relaxing this afternoon. I am hoping to get my liquor order in before I have to go home so I can get out at a decent time. I also need to work on the beer cave. I haven’t really worked in it for a few days. It’s only been carry outs stocking it.

After work yesterday I went to a birthday party for a friend/coworker. Her birthday was actually the 4th. She turned 18. It was awkward as I did really know anyone but I missed her graduation so I promised I wouldn’t miss her birthday. Funny thing is her present arrived last night,late. I woke up to a message on my phone that my package had been delivered. Chris said some of my birthday stuff had been delivered when I was gone (he floated actually, lol, as he was very pleased with himself😊) but I wondered if my package was one of those. So I wandered out to the mailbox and lo! There it was. So I am excited because we work together today so I can give them to her today instead of later in the week.

With the emotional roller coaster I have been on this week it will be nice to have the next two days off. I have no meetings this week so I want to try to find a rhythm at work with my new positions. I seem to focus more on liquor since I am the only one who stocks it on a daily basis. I leave beer to the carry outs but truly I need to stock it myself a few days a week.

I see by the clock that I need to wrap this up. I don’t have any new photos so these will be some repeats. Hopefully I can get fresh ones to share tomorrow. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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