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I am on the love seat with the resident cuddle bug. She got up a few minutes after me and has been by my side ever since.

This morning’s post will be brief since I gave myself an extra half hour to sleep. Ayer work I need to remember that I am going to a birthday party. I will just want to stay home but I can’t. I promised.

Work has been going fairly smoothly. The only issues have been with the coworker that is stepping up to shift manager. She hasn’t been talking to anyone. She and buttes heads hard while I was setting up my display. I essentially told her she needed to quit telling me how to do my task. She didn’t like that anymore than I did her telling me what to do. So everyone has been getting the cold shoulder.

I need to wrap this up. I do have new photos to share. I think I have time to upload a few. Have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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