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Bleary Eyed

I am so very tired. As well as I slept it still wasn’t enough. I am going in early to take care of my cigarette order. I would really like to go back to bed and just stay later at work. However, my order needs to be done this morning because (hopefully) he will pick it up today. My first liquor order should be there waiting for me. The second will be arriving tomorrow. I am still struggling with my times and dates for everything.

I completed most of my tasks and took care of bills yesterday. Yet I am still trying to beat myself up for things not done. I felt good yesterday about myself, yet this morning… It is chilly and I am tired. Maybe that is the problem. I see that I have taken too long with things this morning. I should be leaving in a few minutes. So this will be much shorter than normal. Oh and a side note, if you leave a comment and I don’t answer right away please give it some time. I had a comment from three days ago show up when I checked my comments on my laptop yesterday. I always check both my laptop and my phone every day. So it seems that comments are slipping through the cracks. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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