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Best Laid Plans and All That

Well things have not gone as planned. When I got to the courthouse no less than three people read my paperwork and saw what I did. Today’s date. However, upon closer inspection, it was actually September 12th. Not July. (They did not spell out the date.) So I went home and did my thing until work. While doing my thing I got a message from my tattoo artist that we needed to reschedule my appointment. He was in pain from a rough few days. Me being me I said ok and that I hoped he felt better. But I am very angry as my new date is all the way in August! I am trying to tell myself that it is probably a legit thing. But in my heart of hearts I am thinking that it is a load of crap. He just does not want to give up the time to fix what he considers to be my mistake. (He said I ok’d it so I should be happy with the results.) So here I sit at home when I should be sitting at the tattoo parlour getting my ink fixed.

Stella and I stayed up way late last night binge watching Lizzo’s new show on Amazon. Watch Out For the Big Grrrls is a reality show involving Lizzo looking for new back up dancers. I really like it. Lizzo wants big girls like her as her back up dancers. She treats the women like queens as they go through and learn different dance routines and challenges. And at the end of the day there is nothing negative about this program. No one is humiliated, no yelling and screaming. Lizzo’s is trying to teach love and acceptance of who you are, no matter your size. I know it sounds cliche but it is true. I needed to hear a lot of what they were saying and there were several teary moments. I only have three more episodes to go.

So today I have my little to do list. Some things will get done before Chris leaves while others after (like mowing). I have bills that need to come out of this check as well. I was shocked when I saw my paycheck. In a good way. That means I can take care of two people for their birthday this week. I worked for a bit on my novel (the stupid “o” button does not want to work when pressed normally now- que eye roll) yesterday. I plan to do so today as well. I also hope to take Stella to the park for a walk. Walking in the yard is all well and good but things are getting overgrown back there so it is getting difficult to pick a clear path. Oh and I need a new pot for my lavender. I belong to a plant group on Facebook so when I shared my photos it was pointed out that the plants prefer sandy soil. I will need to go out to Moose’s grave and mix some sand in with his and since mine is a wee bit too big for the pot I will go get a larger pot for it and mix some sandy soil in when I repot it. I only hope that it doesn’t stress out too much with another repotting.

I guess I should get myself going. Thanks for reading and stay safe (the photos this morning are repeats, I’ll try to take more today)!

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