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One More Hurdle

It’s not much brighter this morning. Both my articles have been written and sent in. All my running got done yesterday. This morning in my date at the courthouse. I am surprised at hard I slept. I actually had to have the alarm wake me up! Stella has come out with me. I was surprised. It is a good morning to stay in bed.

While I was out yesterday, I stopped at a local plant nursery. I knew that it would be expensive, but I wanted two lavender plants. I was right. But this late in the season finding lavender can be almost impossible. So I grabbed two of the quart containers and headed to the checkout. Once there I got to chatting with the clerk. When she found out what I was doing she gave me a discount on my purchase. I was getting them for Moose and I. He always loved lavender when I had it in the house. He would rub against it and sniff. I would put one on his grave and keep one for me in the house. I managed to get them both planted not long after I got home.

I keep glancing at the clock. I want to leave a little early since I’m not sure where in the courthouse I am going. I have a nice little dress picked out for the occasion. I struggled with what to wear. I don’t have a lot of dressy clothes anymore. But I found a dress and shoes. I don’t look too bad. No make-up though. I don’t have time. Nor do I care to.

I keep hearing crows out back. I am used to hearing one or two but there are several out back cawing. If I can get through this this morning, then I will only have my hurdle tomorrow and my stress levels should drop significantly. Tomorrow will be the fix on my tattoo. I am excited to get it done but I don’t want the confrontation. I don’t know how he is going to be. And this will be a several hour process. And my mind naturally goes along the lines of how pissed off he could be instead of atleast being civil.

Ok, I will share what photos I have and get this posted. Then off to the courthouse I go! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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